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Advocates and Community Health Workers

Resources for Sexual Violence Advocates and Community Health Workers

  • Academy on Violence and AbuseThe Academy on Violence and Abuse (AVA) is an academic leader in addressing health professional education and research on the effects of violence and abuse.
  • Arizona Area Health Education Center Programs–Arizona AHEC focuses on developing integrated, sustainable statewide health professions workforce education programs with emphasis on primary care and increasing access in Arizona’s rural and underserved communities by improving the supply, quality, diversity, and distribution of the health professions workforce.
  • Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network–provides support, training and guidance to all advocacy centers in Arizona and their professionals who coordinate services and respond to family violence and sexual assault.
  • Arizona Domestic Violence Resources–An abuse, rape, and domestic violence aid and resource collection
  • Arizona Rape Prevention–The Arizona Department of Health Services Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program, through community level cooperative interventions, provide sexual violence prevention and education to students, professionals, and community members.
  • Arizona Rural Women’s Health Network Webinar Calendar– Links to upcoming webinars on sexual violence, women’s health, and rural health.
  • Battered Women’s Justice Project–BWJP offers technical assistance, consultations, and training events for advocates and all professionals engaged in IPV cases
  • Center for Changing our Campus Culture: This comprehensive online clearinghouse provides important resources for colleges and universities on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.
  • Creating a Coordinated Community Response for Battered Immigrant Women–This toolkit provides the important steps and guidelines for developing a coordinated community response to immigrant victims of domestic or sexual violence, and particularly those eligible for immigration relief and associated health and human services under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • Eight Step Advocacy Plan for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Survivors of Sexual Assault–A guide for rural dual/multi service advocates
  • HELP for Victim Service Providers–A place where victim service providers and allied professionals can connect to peers, share ideas about best practices, and help change lives.
  • Men Can Stop Rape–Men Can Stop Rape’s mission is to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women.
  • National Latino Network–Language Access Toolkit–A toolkit that  bridges the gap between the laws, rules, and standards of services; and the effort necessary – community assessments, program policy, staff training, etc. – to develop and implement language access services for survivors with limited English proficiency (LEP).
  • National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)– Mission is to provide human trafficking victims and survivors with access to critical support and services to get help and stay safe, and to equip the anti-trafficking community with the tools to effectively combat all forms of human trafficking. We offer round-the-clock access to a safe space to report tips, seek services, and ask for help. We also provide information, statistics, and resources on a wide range of topics related to human trafficking.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center–The NSVRC’s Mission is to provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, sharing and creating resources, and promoting research
  • Office for Victim Assistance Training Online: VAT Online is a foundational Web-based victim assistance training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and knowledge they need to more effectively assist victims of crime.
  • Online SANE and SART Refresher Courses–SANE-SART Online + Clinical delivers online and on-site interactive learning for RNs interested in becoming a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner).
  • Power and Control–Power & Control diagram is a particularly helpful tool in understanding the overall pattern of abusive and violent behaviors,which are used by a batterer to establish and maintain control over his partner.
  • Rural Communities Responding to Domestic Violence: Safe Havens provides training, resources, and technical assistance to help build a network of support for rural victims.
  • Technology Safety — Exploring technology in the context of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and violence against women
  • The Sexual Violence Research Initiative–The SVRI uses an innovative mix of evidenced based information, communication and technology media and capacity building workshops and events to promote and build capacity in research on sexual violence globally.
  • Toolkit for Creating a Coordinated Community Response for Immigrant Victims of Violence–This toolkit provides the important steps and guidelines for developing a CCR to immigrant victims of domestic or sexual violence, and particularly those eligible for immigration relief and associated health and human services under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • Toolkit on Guns and Domestic Violence–A comprehensive legal resource that provides specifics on statutes and regulations and offers detailed proposals for smart laws that state legislators across the country can introduce to prevent domestic abusers from accessing guns.
  • Think Cultural Health: An e-course on creating changing in communities offered by the Office of Minority Health
  • Tribal Forensic Healthcare: Delivers trainings related to the identification, collection, and preservation of medical forensic evidence obtained during the treatment of victims of sexual and domestic violence.
  • UNiTE to End Violence Against Women–Launched in 2008, the United Nations Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign aims to raise public awareness and increase political will and resources for preventing and ending all forms of violence against women and girls in all parts of the world.

Resources for Non-English Speakers (Recursos Para los no Hablantes Inglés)